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The Top 10 Dog Foods

The Top 10 Dog Foods According to the Whole Dog Journal

The Whole Dog Journal" (WDJ) - February 1999 did a "Top 10 Dry Dog Foods" review. For those of us always wondering what the "critics" think, here is what they had to say. . .

WDJ said they spent months examing the labels of all the best dry dog food they could find looking for truly healthy, top quality foods. They went on to say that they don't pretend to have looked at EVERY dog food on the market. In order to earn the title "premium", and make it onto their top 10 list the food had to be something really special. . . wholesome, pure, and beneficial ingredients. Here is what they were looking for:

* Best sources of protein (whole, fresh meats or single-source meat i.e. chicken meal rather than poultry meal).
* No meat by-products (by-products in and of themselves are not necessarily bad, but these second-class products are not handled as carefully as whole meat).
* A whole-meat source as one of the first two ingredients (chicken or chicken meal as opposed to chicken fat).
* No artificial preservatives (including BHA, BHT, or ethoxyquin).
* No artificial colors.
* No sugars and sweeteners like corn syrup, sucrose, and ammoniated
* No propylene glycol.

They are reported here for informational purposes only and are in alphabetical order:

Back to Basics (Chicken formula); California Natural; Canidae; Flint River; Innova; Limited Diet; PetGuard LifeSpan; Pinnacle; Solid Gold; Wysong.


Back to Basics (chicken)
Chicken meal,ground corn,chicken fat,oatmeal,long grain rice,dried tomato pomace,dried whole eggs,fish meal (hering) natural flavorings

California Natural
Lamb Meal, brown rice,rice,sunflower oil,vitamons/minerals

White rice, lamb meal, poultry fat, fish
Meal, flax seed, alfalfa meal, sunflower
Oil . .

Flint River Chicken
Meal & Rice Formula
Chicken meal, wheat flour, ground rice,
lamb meal, poultry fat, ground wheat,
dried whole eggs, lecithin, fish meal, dried brewer's yeast . . .

Turkey, chicken, chicken meal, whole
grnd. Barley, whole grnd. brown rice,
whole steamed potatoes, grnd. White
rice, chicken fat, herring, whole raw
apples. . .

Limited Diets (Lamb)
Potato, lamb, lamb meal, lamb fat,
canola oil, lamb digest, (vitamins and

Chicken meal, whole grnd. Chicken,
whole oat flour, toasted oats, tomato
pomace, potato, chicken fat, quinoa,
dehydrated mixed vegetables, grapeseed
oil . . .

Solid Gold
Hund-N-Flocken Lamb meal, ground whole millet, ground
brown rice, ground whole barley,
amaranth, menhaden fish meal, rice oil,
canola oil, flaxseed oil, garlic. . .

Petguard Lifespan
Chicken, chicken meal, ground brown
rice, ground yellow corn, corn gluten
meal, oatmeal, poultry fat, dried chicken
liver, dried whole egg. . .

Wysong Maintenance
Chicken, chicken meal, grnd. Brown rice,
grnd, yellow corn, corn gluten meal,
oatmeal, poultry fat, grnd. Whole
soybeans, corn gluten meal, salt, dried
kelp. . .

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